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Do you suffer from Alopecia, trichotillomania, extreme balding or thinning hair? Will you like to have length or fullness? Then come to us and we will transform you.

Its not just men who suffer from hair loss. Millions of women have the same concern and worry about losing their hair.

Thinning hair and hair loss affects over nine million people in the UK alone. You can start losing your hair as early as your late teens.

Here at Joana’s Hair Elite, we have built an excellent reputation specializing in hair extensions and hair loss solutions. we listen to your needs and pride ourselves in our quality of work to detail.

We specialise in hair integration solutions to clients with both common and severe forms of hair loss.

Hair Loss Solutions






Through our extensive practical experience of hair loss treatments, we have devised our unique new volumiser system.

We know this to be the single most effective solution to female hair loss where patches of hair loss exceed 50% of a full head of hair.

0ur solution to hair loss is completely natural allowing you the freedom to shower, wash, and brush your hair as you desire. The system means you need have no fear of swimming or exercising.

We take great care to ensure the methods and solutions we use are completely safe…
Our hair integrations are applied to an anti-allergenic micro mesh.

We apply fine expert integrated supplemental extension work.
There is no need to fear detection as the result sits as natural as your own hair.

Our unique integration techniques mean our solution is indistinguishable from your own natural hair.

Our system differs from rival hair loss treatments in several unique ways.

All your existing hair is fully integrated into your new style.

The construction of the replacement area blends seamlessly into your hair.
Every detail of our treatment is bespoke including partings.

The result is a completely natural style and a full beautiful head of hair.

Causes of hair loss


Causes of hair loss:

ALOPECIA – hair loss triggered by emotional stress.
ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA – genetic hair loss.
TRICHOTILLOMANIA – damage from compulsive hair pulling and twisting.

Other causes of hair loss:




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I have to look like Meat Loaf , its my job! I have thinning hair so the solution was this fantastic salon! A great team and the best in the business x

Dean Torkington, Meatloaf

I cant thank Joana and the team enough for the brilliant job they have done on my hair. I would highly reccomend them for their profesionalism confidentiality and support. After years trying lotions potions and tablets to make my hair grow,nothing works,I hoped that hair extensions would work for me. After having a consultation with Joana she was able to recommend the best procedure for me. Iv’e now got my new look had lots of compliments and my 16 year old grandson says his friends say I dont look old enough to be a nana. Its now worth getting ready in the morning and putting nice clothes on. My gallery pictures are 12-13-14 before and after.

Pat Reveley

I have been a client of Joanas Hair Elite for 5 years and have always been pleased with the service they provide. I would definitely recommend them to others.


Joana is an artiste not just a stylist and she has transformed my life. Her hair loss solutions are second to none and she really cares for all her clients. She has the most wonderful hand picked team all of them stars in their own right but shining more brightly under her direction. You can be assured of the best possible result when you visit her salon and you’ll enjoy the experience and like me keep going back for more.

Maggie Fox


wild beautiful black hair woman shot with hair in motion

aboutEstablished in 1994, Joana has a mission statement. According to Joana, her aim is to ‘optimise a first class service and excel beyond all her customers expectations.
Joana’s Hair Elite is a friendly, professional and creative hair salon situated in Cheetham Hill, Manchester for the past 14 years.

We specialise in creating styles that are trendy, individual and classic. You could be forgiven for thinking you are at a private members club when you visit this salon.

Attending various shows and training seminars every year to keep up with the latest trends and this can be seen in the various styles and services that we offer. Customers keep coming back to Joana because of the special individual treatment that is received.

Joana is also a certified lecturer/trainer and assessor with a D32/33 and takes up training seminars at various colleges. She is a State Registered Senior Hairdresser and also a 4 star salon rated by the Good Salon Guide.

Free hair consultation is provided to insure that you are happy with your hairstyle and have made the right choice.

We only use the finest products and treatments provided by Keracare, Affirm, Artefex Designer Touch, soft sheen, Organic Root Stimulator and Goldwell.

Excellent service, customer care and high quality hairdressing is the essence of this salon, which means that most visits are by appointments only.



WELCOME to Joana’s Hair Elite

Here at Joana’s Hair Elite we aim to offer the highest standards of treatment. Our aim is to create a warm environment and to de-stress all our clients. We welcome the opportunity to advise you on treatments and products to suit each individual client. We pride ourselves with consistently updating treatments and educating ourselves to provide the most superior service possible.

Appointments & Cancellations

Appointments are recommended, but not always necessary. If you need to cancel an appointment, we would be grateful to give us at least 48 hours notice. Unfortunately with less than 24 hours notice or an appointment not kept, we would have no alternative but to make a 50% charge.


If you are unsure of which treatment to choose or need advice on a matter of concern, please take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE and a member of staff.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers and packages are available and make ideal gifts for family and friends. All our rooms are private, our advice is confidential and our coffee is complimentary!

FREE WIFI now in both salons!

Introduce a friend to Joana’s Hair Elite Salon and receive 10% off your next treatment!




Still not offering hair extensions within your salon? Just think of all that extra trade and profit you are missing out on.

We run various practical courses in hair extensions, weaves and braiding consisting of:

  • Hair braiding/plaiting / cornrows
  • Bonding/fusion
  • Micro weaving
  • Laser weave
  • Closure weave
  • Net weave
  • Dread locks
  • Interlocking
  • Tree braining
  • Micro ring extensions

The aim of the course is to assist you, the student, with the knowledge of corn rowing, plaiting/braiding, micro weaving and many more.

Braiding/Plaiting/Corn Rowing

This technique teaches the student how to plait/braid/cornrow hair with and without using added hair (human or synthetic fibre). How to plait quickly and efficiently. How to use different types of hair quantities used, sectioning, cutting and sealing and maintenance and aftercare and removal.
This teaches the student three different bonding techniques:
Method One – Cold Bonding

This is the method where strips of weft hair are cut. The cold bonding agent applied to the weft are then applied directly to the clients own hair.
Method Two – Bonding/fusion

This is where strands of bulked hair is added individually to small strands of the clients own hair using a special bonding agent.

Method Three

This is where a pre-bonded strands of hair is heated and attached to the clients own hair using a heated bonding iron.

Duration: One day

Introduction to hair extensions, equipments, consultation, colour matching, ordering hair, application, styling and cutting, products aftercare and maintenance removal.

Micro ring extensions – this helps to create hi/lo lites. Also creates volume and length without the use of gles or sewing.

Laser weave
Just a complete natural looking hairweave. No braiding, no corn rowing, no bonding. This technique is done by just using a simple needle and thread.

This is where the clients own hair is micro corn rowed and strips of wefts attached and sown onto the cornrows.

Net weave (advance)
This technique is for clients with severe hair loss bald patches trichotillomania and alopecia. This course is suitable for advanced stylists, with a knowledge of cornrow.

Closure weaves
For advance stylist with knowledge of cornrow. Hair weaved in the normal way then a closure parting is attached to give the impression of a realistic natural parting.


Portrait of a young black woman in the park with a dry leaf

Full range of hairdressing and hair extension services are provided, including:

  • Relaxing
  • Hi/low lites
  • Perming
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Cut/blow dry
  • Hair up

Hair extensions/additions


Micro Weaves
Fine corn-rows, to create a flat base. Very natural looking.

Lazer Weaves
None surgical with no braiding, no bonding, no messy glue, no bulking. Amazing effects.

Closure weaves
A piece of hair attach to the weave, to give the impression of a realistic looking parting in the weave.

The L Shaped Closure parting
To achieve a double parting; one along the hairline, and one on the side provides double versatility.

Cold Bonding
Strips/Pieces of wefted hair bonded to your own hair.

Fusion ‘X’ Bonding / connect
Bulked hair, added individually to small strands of hair using a special bonding agent.

Micro Integrated Weaves
The hottest new weave from America. Very natural looking.

Hair Loss Solutions


The volumiser – severe hair loss.

Net Weave
For people suffering from baldness, thin hair, or alopecia (80-90% Baldness).

Interlocking – creating lock bridges for balding clients

Natural Hair Styles


Gel Twists
Lock Extensions
Dread Locks
Tree Braiding Cornrows
Afro Kinky Twist


We provide you with a detailed but flexible maintenance programme and advice but if ever you have a concern we are just a phone call away and all volumiser clients will receive priority should the need arise.

Maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks for tightening and tidying.

Every 4-6 months the volumiser must be fully removed for cleansing, partings replaced and realigned.

Our systems have a life expectancy of 12-18 months after this time a complete volumiser will be required.

Come and see us for a private consultation and we will create a custom solution that:

  • looks and feels natural
  • uses the highest quality 100% human hair
  • is comfortable and moves with you
  • is practical for your lifestyle
  • is easy to manage and maintain
  • wont damage your own hair.

We at Joana’s Hair Elite do everything we can to give you our client back all your confidence and self-esteem.

Free confidential hair loss consultation.
At the hair elite replacement studio we offer free private confidential consultation to help you determine which hair loss solution is suitable for your individual needs.

YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST….. NOW TRY THE BEST all treatments and consultations are done in private.