Still not offering hair extensions within your salon? Just think of all that extra trade and profit you are missing out on.

We run various practical courses in hair extensions, weaves and braiding consisting of:

  • Hair braiding/plaiting / cornrows
  • Bonding/fusion
  • Micro weaving
  • Laser weave
  • Closure weave
  • Net weave
  • Dread locks
  • Interlocking
  • Tree braining
  • Micro ring extensions

The aim of the course is to assist you, the student, with the knowledge of corn rowing, plaiting/braiding, micro weaving and many more.

Braiding/Plaiting/Corn Rowing

This technique teaches the student how to plait/braid/cornrow hair with and without using added hair (human or synthetic fibre). How to plait quickly and efficiently. How to use different types of hair quantities used, sectioning, cutting and sealing and maintenance and aftercare and removal.
This teaches the student three different bonding techniques:
Method One – Cold Bonding

This is the method where strips of weft hair are cut. The cold bonding agent applied to the weft are then applied directly to the clients own hair.
Method Two – Bonding/fusion

This is where strands of bulked hair is added individually to small strands of the clients own hair using a special bonding agent.

Method Three

This is where a pre-bonded strands of hair is heated and attached to the clients own hair using a heated bonding iron.

Duration: One day

Introduction to hair extensions, equipments, consultation, colour matching, ordering hair, application, styling and cutting, products aftercare and maintenance removal.

Micro ring extensions – this helps to create hi/lo lites. Also creates volume and length without the use of gles or sewing.

Laser weave
Just a complete natural looking hairweave. No braiding, no corn rowing, no bonding. This technique is done by just using a simple needle and thread.

This is where the clients own hair is micro corn rowed and strips of wefts attached and sown onto the cornrows.

Net weave (advance)
This technique is for clients with severe hair loss bald patches trichotillomania and alopecia. This course is suitable for advanced stylists, with a knowledge of cornrow.

Closure weaves
For advance stylist with knowledge of cornrow. Hair weaved in the normal way then a closure parting is attached to give the impression of a realistic natural parting.

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